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Disney Epic Games partnership – and a return to the App Store?

Disney Epic Games partnership | Promo image

A Disney/Epic Games partnership announced this week may see the Fortnite developer return to the App Store despite the fractious relationship between Apple and Epic.

The collaboration will see new games featuring characters and stories across a range of Disney worlds, including Walt Disney, Star Wars, Pixar, and Marvel …

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New streaming sports service coming from ESPN, FOX, and Warner Bros Discovery

New streaming sports service | Sports stadium

It looks like sports fans are set for an extremely comprehensive all-in-one option. Disney-owned ESPN is partnering with FOX and Warner Bros Discovery to create a package of no fewer than 14 different channels.

The joint venture will offer access to thousands of games and events, across a diverse range of sports – and you’ll be able to bundle the new service with Disney+, Hulu, or Max …

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Apple hates free speech, Disney CEO should be fired | Mickey Mouse at Disneyland

A year after saying Apple hates free speech, Musk calls for Disney CEO to be fired

X owner Elon Musk has continued his tirade against major corporations who’ve suspended advertising on his social network, after growing concerns about hate speech on the platform.

Musk last year asked whether Apple “hate[s] free speech in America” when the company paused advertising over previous concerns about the social network, and is now calling for Disney CEO Bob Iger to be fired …

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Apple buying Disney is no longer as crazy an idea as it was [Poll]

Apple buying Disney opinion | Epcot ball at night

Analysts have been pitching the idea of Apple buying Disney for many years, and to most of us it has seemed a rather ridiculous one. The supposed reasoning for it has always been absurdly weak.

Personally, I remain extremely skeptical. But the idea is now getting new traction, and being taken seriously in some unlikely quarters – and even I have to admit that there is some merit to the latest incarnation of the idea-that-will-not-die …

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Streaming TV services may be struggling with attention as well as subscription costs

Streaming TV services | Apple TV apps shown on modern flatscreen

A report yesterday revealed that a set of popular streaming TV services can now cost more than traditional cable TV packages.

It pointed out that subscription costs have risen dramatically, which creates an obvious risk of people cutting back on the number of services. But I think there’s a second issue, too, and that’s the competition for attention …

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Streaming TV costs now higher than cable, as ‘crash’ finally hits

Streaming TV costs | Old-fashioned TVs with streaming company logos

Streaming TV costs are now higher than cable packages, says a new analysis. It follows warnings that a “crash” was on the way – a day that has now arrived.

The report says that after price rises by Apple TV+, HBO Max, Disney, Hulu, and others, the total cost of a basket of popular streaming TV services has now hit $87 per month …

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Netflix ads plan launch brought forward to November, to beat Disney+ plan in December

Netflix ads | Abstract image

A Netflix ads plan – in which subscribers pay a lower monthly fee in return for watching ads – will reportedly launch much earlier than previously expected.

The launch is said to have been brought forward from sometime early next year to November of this year. It’s believed the company wants to introduce the ad-supported tier before Disney does the same in December …

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