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Concept imagines new features Apple could bring to Vision Pro with visionOS 2

Concept imagines new features Apple could bring to Vision Pro with visionOS 2

Although Vision Pro arrived in stores just a few weeks ago, Apple announced the new device in June last year at WWDC – and some developers have been working with visionOS ever since. The company is expected to announce visionOS 2 later this year – but in the meantime, Parker Ortolani has created a concept imagining the new features Apple could bring to Vision Pro.

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visionOS App Store now has over 1,000 apps designed for Apple Vision Pro

Vision Pro availability (Apple promp image showing app grid) | visionOS

When Apple Vision Pro was launched in stores earlier this month, the company said that the visionOS App Store would already have more than 600 apps designed specifically for the new headset available on day one. A few days later, Apple has now confirmed that there are more than 1,000 apps built for Vision Pro available on the App Store.

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The Apple Vision Pro Developer Strap is Thunderbolt capable, not USB 2.0 only

Apple Vision Pro Developer Strap Thunderbolt connectivity

The Apple Vision Pro Developer Strap is Thunderbolt capable and is not strictly a USB 2.0 device. Although the Fast Ethernet connection established when connecting to a Mac Virtual Display via USB-C uses USB 2.0, the Developer Strap doesn’t have to be forever limited to that speed. It may just be a matter of time before Apple unlocks additional capability and higher throughput via a visionOS software update.

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How to downgrade visionOS on Apple Vision Pro [Video]

Vision Pro downgrading visionOS Progress Bar

Running a visionOS beta on your Apple Vision Pro and wishing to revert to a stable release? In this hands-on tutorial and video, I show you how to downgrade visionOS on Apple Vision Pro. The downside? Downgrading requires the $300 Apple Vision Pro Developer Strap, but at least it’s possible.

Watch our hands-on video as I walk you through the entire process, and be sure to subscribe to 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple Vision Pro coverage.

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CardPointers helps you maximize your credit card rewards, now on Vision Pro [Save 50%]

I’ve written before about how CardPointers is one of my favorite apps, making it super easy to maximize credit card rewards, offers, promotions, and more. Now, CardPointers is available on Vision Pro, with a very clever AutoPilot feature.

CardPointers is also celebrating its 5th birthday this week with a 50% discount and $100 Savings Card bonus for 9to5Mac readers.

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Vision Pro App Store marks a return to paid upfront apps, early data shows

There are a lot of excellent Vision Pro apps already available, and early data shows that the App Store for visionOS is bucking a long-running trend. According to new data from Appfigures, cited by TechCrunch, the majority of Vision Pro apps are paid downloads, rather than being free to download with in-app purchases.

The average selling price of Vision Pro apps is $5.67, according to Appfgures.

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Hands-on with the $299 Apple Vision Pro Developer Strap – stabler Mac Virtual Display, beta downgrades, and more

Apple Vision Pro Developer Strap

Last week, Apple released its first new accessory for the Vision Pro since its launch, a $299 Apple Vision Pro Developer Strap only available for registered Apple Developers. Although Apple notes clearly on the back of the box that it’s not for resale and only intended for developers, anyone who coughs up $299, plus the yearly $99 fee to become a registered Apple Developer, can get their hands on this accessory.

The Apple Vision Pro Developer strap replaces the device’s right Audio Strap. It arrives in a small box that resembles an Apple Watch box, and includes the Developer Strap, over-designed eject tool, and documentation. The Developer Strap has several noticeable differences compared to the right Audio Strap that it replaces. The most obvious difference is the addition of a USB-C input that allows you to connect Apple Vision Pro directly to your Mac. Let’s take a closer look at the Apple Vision Developer Strap inside.

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This hospital system just bought 30 Vision Pro units and launched a new ‘Spatial Computing Center of Excellence’

A new report from The San Diego Union-Tribune today offers a fascinating look at how the San Diego hospital system’s new “Spatial Computing Center of Excellence.” The report explains that Sharp Healthcare recently took delivery of 30 Vision Pro units and is “giving them to health care workers doing all sorts of jobs.”

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‘Spatial Sprinkles’ is the fun and whimsical Vision Pro app we all needed

Developer Simon B. Støvring is out with not one but two native apps for Apple Vision Pro on launch day. First, there’s a native Apple Vision Pro app for Runestone Text Editor, Simon’s excellent plain text editor with a host of different features.

Second, if you want to use Vision Pro to immerse yourself or those around you in confetti, Simon has released the very fun and whimsical Spatial Sprinkles.

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Apple Vision Pro firmware can be recovered with the help of an iPhone

Apple Vision Pro

We’re only a few days away from the official launch of the Apple Vision Pro in the U.S., and we’ve been learning a lot about the device over the last few days as Apple has invited some journalists to try it out in advance. Some users have been wondering how to recover the Vision Pro firmware if it fails, and now we know that you can do it using an iPhone.

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