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What can you connect to the iPhone 15 with USB-C?

On the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, Apple finally got rid of the Lightning port and replaced it with USB-C. This opens up a whole new world of convenience of connecting accessories and peripherals. The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max go one step further, as the USB-C port on the pro models supports USB-3 speeds, enabling up to 10 Gbps data transfer speeds.

USB-C makes it easy to connect displays, external storage, cameras, and charge using the same cable as all your other devices. Here’s what you can do with your new iPhone and its shiny new port …

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Tim Cook praises China as a production hub, amid Apple moves to lessen dependence

Tim Cook praises China | Waterfront in Shanghai

A state-owned newspaper has cited Tim Cook praising China as a production hub, during the CEO’s visit to the country for a new store opening.

Cook’s remarks were made after Apple reported a 13% decline in revenue from China, with a recent market intelligence estimate suggesting that iPhone sales were down 24% in the opening weeks of this year …

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USB-C iPhone 15

iPhone 15 charging slowly? How to fast charge iPhone with USB-C

The charging situation for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro this year has changed. Apple’s proprietary Lightning port has been replaced with USB-C, so now you can charge your phone with almost any USB-C cable and USB-C power adapter that you can find online. But what exactly do you need to make sure you can charge your iPhone battery as fast as possible?

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iPhone sales ride high in Japan, plunge in China

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There’s good news and bad for Apple in two different market intelligence reports. One points to Apple’s market share rising and continuing to utterly dominate the Japanese smartphone market, while the other describes a dramatic slump in iPhone sales in China.

When it comes to Japan, it’s long been the case that there’s Apple, and then, a long way behind, there’s everyone else …

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Steep iPhone discounts being offered in China to counter weak demand

iPhone discounts in China | iPhone 15 Pro Max shown

A new report today says that there is increasing evidence of steep iPhone discounts being used in China in an attempt to counter weak demand.

It gives the example of the iPhone 15 Pro Max being offered at a $180 discount on the official price, which is significantly larger than has been offered in previous years …

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Celebrity-backed iPhone scam reportedly netted fraudster $35M

Celebrity-backed iPhone scam | Boxed iPhone 15

An iPhone scam carried out in Iran has reportedly generated around $35M, after celebrities were hired to promote the fake deal. It was made possible because Apple isn’t allowed to sell iPhones in the country.

The man alleged to be behind the scam has been located abroad by Iranian police, who say that he will be extradited back to the country through Interpol …

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Apple overtook Samsung smartphones in Europe for first time in almost two years

Apple overtook Samsung smartphones in Europe | Photo of the Louvre in Paris

Samsung smartphone sales in Europe fell by 12% in the final quarter of last year, while iPhones managed to outperform the market. The result was that Apple overtook Samsung smartphone shipments in Europe for the first time in nearly two years.

Market intelligence company Canalys said that while the European smartphone market as a whole declined by 3% year-on-year, and Samsung took a much larger hit, Apple managed to eek out 1% growth …

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iPhone 15 camera vs 15 Pro camera: What sets them apart?

iPhone 15 camera vs 15 Pro camera comparison

Many of the differences between the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro come down to the new camera systems. As the name implies, the Pro devices offer the most advanced cameras but 15 and 15 Plus still have very capable systems. However, new this year, iPhone 15 Pro Max stands on its own as the only model with 5x optical zoom. Let’s dig into everything that’s different between the iPhone 15 camera vs 15 Pro camera.

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iPhone 15 Pro customer sat drops over battery life disappointment, iPhone 15 takes the lead

iPhone 15 Pro satisfaction drops

A month after the iPhone 15 lineup arrived, we saw data from PerfectRec show ratings from owners of the 15 Pro ranked below iPhone 13 Pro and 14 Pro. Now the latest report shows iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max customer satisfaction has continued to decline while iPhone 15 and 15 Plus satisfaction has surpassed the high-end models.

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From Palm Pilot to Samsung to Apple: My dad got his first iPhone, and he has opinions

When my dad called me a month ago to tell me we were getting new phones because we were switching cell phone providers, he informed me that he would be getting the iPhone 15. I wasn’t sure I had heard him correctly. “Wait, you’re getting an iPhone?” I asked, twice. “Yeah, what’s the big deal?” he countered, as if this was normal, as if he hadn’t been a decades-long Samsung devotee.

After just over a month with his new iPhone 15, my dad’s got a respectable list of things he’s enjoying, and some things that he believes Samsung did – and does – better.

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