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Apple Watch Ultra 2 ‘instant lifeline’ to runners trekking from Santa Monica to Las Vegas

Apple Watch is an essential runner’s companion, and Apple Watch Ultra takes it to the next level with longer battery life and more. That’s why participants of this year’s The Speed Project call it an “instant lifeline” during a grueling relay race from Santa Monica to Las Vegas.

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Jailbreaking an iPhone re-enables blood oxygen measurement on Apple Watch; August 2028 expiry

Blood oxygen measurement on Apple Watch

An interesting look behind the scenes of the court battle between Apple and health tech company Masimo reveals that jailbreaking an iPhone re-enables blood oxygen measurement on an Apple Watch.

The same report notes that even if Apple doesn’t succeed in its appeal against the import ban, it will be able to re-enable the feature by August 2028 at the latest, when Masimo’s patent expires …

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Micro-LED Apple Watch Ultra project not cancelled, says supply-chain report

Micro-LED Apple Watch Ultra project not cancelled | Existing Ultra model shown

We last week cast doubt on reports that the micro-LED Apple Watch Ultra project had been cancelled, and a new supply-chain report appears to confirm our view.

It says that while Osram was in line to supply micro-LED screens for the Watch, and has been dropped by Apple, the Cupertino company is still working on the project, and is simply seeking new suppliers …

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Micro-LED Apple Watch Ultra might be pushed back even further, to 2027

Micro-LED Apple Watch Ultra | Existing model shown

A micro-LED Apple Watch Ultra has been variously predicted to launch in 2024, 2025, and 2026 – but a new report today suggests that it may slip to 2027, or even later.

The problem is said to be Apple’s hesitation over the high cost of the micro-LED screen, which suppliers have so far been unable to reduce to a more palatable level …

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FCC images show Apple Watch Ultra prototype with black ceramic back

FCC images show Apple Watch Ultra prototype with black ceramic back

The Apple Watch Ultra’s design differs from traditional Apple Watch models. In addition to the titanium body, there’s the flat glass covering the display, reinforced buttons, and a gray ceramic back to match the titanium finish. However, changing the color of the ceramic back may have been a last-minute decision, as shown in these photos revealed by the FCC.

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PSA: Apple Watch double tap won’t work with these apps and features

With today’s release of watchOS 10.1, Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 users can officially use the new double-tap feature. This feature was announced at Apple’s “Wonderlust” event last month but wasn’t available until now.

Now that double tap is available, Apple has shared a few more details on how the feature works – and situations in which it might not work.

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Apple Watch Ultra’s durability put to the test as user recovers it from a lake after months

Apple Watch Ultra's durability put to the test as user recovers it from a lake after months

Apple Watch has been certified waterproof to depths of up to 50 meters since Series 2. With Apple Watch Ultra, which has a more rugged design to withstand the most challenging scenarios you can imagine, water resistance has been increased to a depth of up to 100 meters. But what happens if you put your Apple Watch underwater for months? 9to5Mac reader Amir Noorani seems to have the answer.

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Freediving supported on both Apple Watch Ultra models with Oceanic+ 2.0

Freediving with Apple Watch Ultra

The new Oceanic+ 2.0 app finally supports freediving of up to 130 feet (40 meters) on both the original Apple Watch Ultra and the new Ultra 2.

The ability to use the Apple Watch Ultra as a fully-fledged dive computer was one of the headline features when Apple launched the original model, but it’s taken some time for all the promised features to arrive …

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Apple pens memo to retail teams on how to manage FineWoven complaints: ‘A luxurious microtwill’

Apple’s new FineWoven cases for iPhone 15 are looking like a surefire flop so far. Now, in response to the blowback, Apple has sent a new memo to its retail employees with guidance on how to address customer questions on things like FineWoven’s durability, material structure, and more.

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What to expect at today’s Apple event: iPhone 15, new Apple Watch, and more

apple iPhone 15 event

Apple has officially set a date for its annual iPhone special event. This year, the festivities commence on September 12 and the iPhone 15 is expected to be the star of the show. Head below as we round up all of the announcements we expect at the Apple event, including new software and hardware.

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Nomad Rugged Case for Apple Watch is an Ultra conversion kit in black steel

Nomad is out today with its latest Apple accessory – the Rugged Case for Apple Watch which is the company’s first protective case + band for the wearable. Made with black steel and orange or black buttons, the Rugged Case is like a super durable Apple Watch Ultra upgrade kit for Apple Watch Series 4 and later.

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Micro-LED Apple Watch delay explained, as manufacturing challenges revealed

Site default logo image

A reported delay to the planned introduction of the first micro-LED Apple Watch has been explained by a supply chain report, which reveals the extreme manufacturing challenges involved in bringing the next generation of display tech to Apple products.

While we’re expecting micro-LED to roll out first to the Apple Watch before later making its way to the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, today’s report suggests that a Vision Pro successor may also get the new tech at a relatively early stage …

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Pitaka launches brand new Dreamland series bands for all Apple Watches [Hands-on]

Pitaka recently released their Weaving+ series offering specially designed cases where they collab with creative artists to develop unique designs using their aramid fiber materials. They followed that up with their new Dreamland series for Apple Watch and Apple Watch Ultra inspired by architectural geniuses like Antoni Gaudi and Ricardo Bofill.

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2026 Apple Watch Ultra will be first to get micro-LED – TrendForce

2026 Apple Watch Ultra | Existing model shown

We’ve been waiting a long time for the first Apple Watch with a micro-LED screen, and it seems the wait won’t be over any time soon. The latest report says that we won’t see the new display tech until the launch of the 2026 Apple Watch Ultra.

Optimistic reports about this date back as far as 2019, when it was suggested that Apple might begin the switch from OLED to micro-LED as early as 2020 – which, of course, did not happen …

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watchOS 10 shows how Dark Mode on iPhone and Mac should work

Dark Mode on iPhone, iPad, and Mac is fairly flexible. You can toggle it on or off from Control Center or Settings, automatically switch based on time of day, or use local sunrise and sunset time to switch.

There’s one method for invoking dark mode that’s still missing, however, and watchOS 10 on the Apple Watch Ultra shows how it could work.

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