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When the Apple Watch was originally released in 2015, it was pitched as a great watch, an intimate way to communicate, and a comprehensive fitness device. While the original Apple Watch (later renamed Series 0) lacked GPS and was generally a slow device, it has shown dramatic improvements year over year particularly for Apple’s health initiatives.

When Apple released the Series 1 and Series 2 Apple Watches, it added heart rate monitoring for Apple Health. When you enable heart rate monitoring, you  can also turn on heart rate notifications, so you know if your heart rate remains above or below a chosen beats per minute (BPM), or to occasionally check for an irregular heart rhythm. Irregular rhythm notifications are available only with watchOS 5.1.2 or later in certain countries.

With Apple Watch Series 4, Apple added a electrocardiogram monitoring (also known as ECG and EKG). The ECG app on Apple Watch (Series 4 or newer) can record your heartbeat and rhythm using the electrical heart sensor and then check the reading for atrial fibrillation (AFib). It then records that information into the Apple Health app.

Since the release of Apple Watch, there have been countless stories of people’s lives being saved by the health advancements in Apple Watch and Apple’s Health initiatives.

Apple Watch ECG

If you have an Apple Watch Series 4 or newer, here’s a how to guide on how to take an ECG.

Apple also includes a Health app on the iPhone where it easy to learn about your health and start reaching your goals. It consolidates data from iPhone, Apple Watch, and third-party apps in one place.

Top Stories on Apple Health

Expand your Apple Health data with these smart blood pressure monitors [Updated]

Over the years, Apple has vastly expanded the Health app on iPhone with ways toa\ track weight, fitness, and much more. Earlier this year, we broke down the best smart scales for syncing weight with an iPhone. And with iPadOS 17, the Health app is also now on iPad.

Another measurement that can integrate with Apple’s Health app is blood pressure. Here are some of the current options on the market for syncing blood pressure with the Health app on your iPhone.

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Review: Withings Body Scan w/ segmental body comp, nerve activity, Apple Health, more

Withings Body Scan review Apple Health

The most recent smart scale from Withings is so advanced the company calls it a “health station.” I’ve been testing the Withings Body Scan and its features like segmental body composition measurements, nerve activity, 6-lead ECG, and more, which all come with Apple Health integration. Is it worth the premium price? I think so if these features are valuable to you.

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Best smart scales with iPhone sync for Apple’s Health app

Whether you’re trying to lose a few pounds and track your weight for other purposes, smart scales that sync data to the iPhone can be a fun and useful way to keep an eye your status.

If you want to easily collect your weight and other measurement data in the Health app on iPhone and iPad (new with iPadOS 17), the trick is to find a scale that works with HealthKit.

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Vision Pro used in surgery “to eliminate human error”

Vision Pro used in surgery

A UK report describes how Vision Pro was used in surgery, with the spatial computer described as a “gamechanger.” It was first used last month by US neurosurgeon Dr Robert Masson in an operation seen in the above photo.

The headset was said to “eliminate human error” by ensuring that the correct processes and instruments were used throughout the operation …

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Vision Pro helps surgeons plan and visualize operations carried out with a surgical robot

Vision Pro helps surgeons plan and visualize operations | Knee surgery visualization shown

Vision Pro is being used for a wide range of applications in the field of health and medicine, with Apple highlighting an app which helps surgeons plan and visualize operations which are carried out with the help of a surgical robot.

The company says that the device is also helping to familiarize nurses with new medical equipment, in a way that reduces anxiety when they start using the kit in real-life applications …

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Doctors prescribing app, with walking steps targets for patients

Doctors prescribing app, with walking steps targets | Typing on Mac next to stethoscope

A pilot scheme is effectively seeing doctors prescribe an app – specifically one which measures the number of steps patients walk, with each person being prescribed a personal target.

At the end of the ‘prescription’ period, the results are sent to the patient’s doctor, to be combined with other health data in order to assess the effectiveness …

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73-year-old NJ man bought an Apple Watch ‘to be cool,’ then it saved his life

A retired accountant in Lawrenceville, New Jersey says that his Apple Watch SE – which he initially bought “to be cool” – turned out to be a life-saving purchase.

“I wanted to be cool, I always thought these were really sharp looking. They’re hip, they’re in style,” 73-year-old Frank Haggerty told CBS News Philadelphia about his Apple Watch purchase.

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More than seven hours of daily screen time is harmful; costs US $73B a year

Too much screen time is harmful | People using laptops and smartphones on shared table

A new study says that more than seven hours a day of daily screen time is harmful to our health, and the cost of this to the US economy adds up to $73B a year.

Eye-strain, muscle fatigue, neck pain, sleep interference, and even damage to our musculoskeletal system can result from spending too much time in front of a screen, says the report …

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Here’s how and why you should set up cardio fitness on Apple Watch and iPhone

How to set up Cardio Fitness on Apple Watch and iPhone

One of the valuable, and lesser-known health features of Apple Watch is cardio fitness. The measurement is based on your VO2 max which Apple Watch can estimate when recording three specific workouts. Follow along for a look at how to use cardio fitness on Apple Watch and iPhone including why it’s important, how to set it up, and how to measure/view cardio fitness levels.

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Here’s why HRV is important and how can you track it with Apple Watch and iPhone

Use HRV with Apple Watch iPhone

HRV is a valuable health metric that’s measured by Apple Watch, however, there’s no native integration in watchOS or iOS to better understand and make use of the data – leaving that to third-party apps. Below we’ll cover what HRV is, why it’s important, and how to record and use HRV with Apple Watch and iPhone.

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