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Apple Watch Series 9

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Jailbreaking an iPhone re-enables blood oxygen measurement on Apple Watch; August 2028 expiry

Blood oxygen measurement on Apple Watch

An interesting look behind the scenes of the court battle between Apple and health tech company Masimo reveals that jailbreaking an iPhone re-enables blood oxygen measurement on an Apple Watch.

The same report notes that even if Apple doesn’t succeed in its appeal against the import ban, it will be able to re-enable the feature by August 2028 at the latest, when Masimo’s patent expires …

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2023 Apple Watch models could yet remain on sale – four potential solutions

2023 Apple Watch models | Close-up of Ultra 2 model

We yesterday revealed the shock news that 2023 Apple Watch models would be withdrawn from sale before the holidays, following an earlier ruling that the devices infringe on patents held by health tech company Masimo.

However, just because Apple has announced this intention, that doesn’t mean it will necessarily happen. There are four potential get-out clauses for the company …

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Comment: 4 reasons to go for Apple Watch Series 8 or earlier

Apple Watch Series 7 vs 9

With a US ban on Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 starting this week, availability of the latest wearables from the company could dry up. But amid the uncertainty is an opportunity to consider the benefits of picking up an Apple Watch Series 8 or earlier. Here are four reasons to go for a previous-generation Apple Watch.

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Carbon-neutral Apple Watch claims rejected as bogus: Term will be banned in Europe

Last month’s Apple event included the announcement of what the company claimed were two carbon-neutral Apple Watches, the Series 9 and Ultra 2. But that claim has today been rejected as “bogus” by the European consumer organization BEUC.

The European Union has proposed that it will in the future be illegal to claim that a product is carbon neutral when that claim relies on offsetting credits to balance out the actual greenhouse gas emissions involved in production …

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What’s new with the Google iPhone 15 competitors?

Google iPhone 15 competitors Pixel 8 smartphones

At the Made by Google 2023 event this morning the company officially launched its Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, Pixel Watch 2, and more. Follow along for what Google has announced with its iPhone 15 and Apple Watch Series 9 competitors including what the new hardware brings, 7 years of software updates, and other interesting new capabilities.

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watchOS 10.1 beta to enable new Double Tap gesture on Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2

watchOS 10.1 beta enables new Double Tap gesture for Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2

One of the features announced with Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 earlier this month is a new Double Tap gesture that lets users interact with the system without touching the screen. However, Apple said that this feature wouldn’t be available at launch and would come later this year. With watchOS 10.1, users will be able to use the new Double Tap gesture.

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Apple Watch Series 9 comes out Friday, but you still can’t buy the Magnetic Link band [U]

Update: Three days after Apple Watch Series 9 hit stores, Apple has opened up orders for Magnetic Link bands. They start shipping near the end of next month.

Here’s a bit of a mystery: it’s the eve of Apple Watch Series 9 launch day, and you still can’t order the new Magnetic Link band.

The product page has been live since the September 12 event ended, but it still shows up as unavailable. If you try to configure an Apple Watch Series 9 with the Magnetic Link when ordering, the checkout flow stops and says to “check back later for availability.”

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Apple Watch Ultra 2 and S9 teardowns reveal no significant changes

Apple Watch Ultra 2 teardown

iFixit has done an Apple Watch Ultra 2 teardown, before doing the same thing with the Series 9 – and the internals don’t reveal any significant changes.

In apparent confirmation that the new Double Tap feature is just a software update to the existing accessibility feature, neither teardown revealed any new hardware relating to this …

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Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 reviews: Double Tap, pink, and Siri responsiveness

Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 come out on Friday, and the first round of reviews are in.

To recap, Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 are almost entirely about the new S9 chip. This enables on-device Siri processing for some commands, and health queries will be supported later this year. Apple is also adding a new “Double Tap” gesture that lets you select buttons on the screen by pinching your fingers.

Both watches have 1000 nit brighter displays, bringing the Series 9 to 2000 nits and Ultra 2 to 3000 nits. The original Apple Watch peaked at 500 nits before doubling a year later. Speaking of doubling, Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 double the 32GB storage capacity to 64GB for the first time. Oh, and there’s an upgraded ultrawideband chip inside.

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Apple Watch Series 9 to get improved heart rate sensor and new U2 chip

Apple Watch Series 9 to feature improved heart rate sensor and new U2 chip

We’re just a few days away from Apple’s special event when the company will announce the iPhone 15 and also new Apple Watch models. The rumors have been pretty consistent in pointing out that we shouldn’t expect any major changes to the Apple Watch this year. However, a new report from Bloomberg suggests that the Apple Watch Series 9 will feature an updated heart rate sensor, as well as other small hardware improvements.

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What to expect at today’s Apple event: iPhone 15, new Apple Watch, and more

apple iPhone 15 event

Apple has officially set a date for its annual iPhone special event. This year, the festivities commence on September 12 and the iPhone 15 is expected to be the star of the show. Head below as we round up all of the announcements we expect at the Apple event, including new software and hardware.

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Select Apple Watch Series 9 models will be first Apple products made with 3D printing process

Apple has been rumored to be considering 3D printing as part of its product design process, and a new report details how and when that change will happen. Mark Gurman at Bloomberg reports that Apple will deploy its first use of 3D printing as a test run of sorts with certain models of the upcoming Apple Watch Series 9.

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Apple officially announces iPhone 15 event: ‘Wonderlust.’

Apple Wonderlust event

Apple has officially announced its next product event where it will announce the new iPhone 15 lineup alongside Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2. The event will take place on September 12. The tagline for the event reads “Wonderlust.” and features the rumored colors of the titanium iPhone 15 Pro lineup.

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