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iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma automatically generate Apple ID passkeys


Now that iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma are available, you can forgo entering your password on and domains thanks to newly added passkey support. Any Apple site on the web can rely instead on Face ID or Touch ID to authenticate your login. As part of iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS Sonoma, your Apple ID is automatically assigned a passkey that can be used for iCloud and Apple sites.

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iPadOS 17 finally lets you use a Game Boy Camera for FaceTime calls… because why not?

Federico Viticci has done some wild things over at MacStories in the past, and he’s back at it again with a new story on iPadOS 17. As Federico explains, iPadOS 17’s support for USB Video Class devices opens up a world of possibilities for iPad users… including finally being able to use a Game Boy Camera for FaceTime video calls.

This is Federico at his craziest best, doing something that no one else in their right mind would ever even think of trying.

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How to use your iPad as a game console display [Video]

Ever since I was little and we would fly somewhere or go on road trips for vacation, I have always wanted to be able to bring a portable Playstation or video game console setup with me. It was the dream. Some companies ended up making these briefcase monitor-type accessories, but they were bulky, finicky, and always expensive. But thanks to an update to iPadOS 17, it looks like your iPad can now solve that problem. Here is how to get it done.

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Poll: Custom font bug persists in iOS and iPadOS 17 Beta 4 – do you use custom fonts?

People always ask me if it’s ok to install the current beta on their main device. Every year I say the same thing, do it at your own risk because there is always a chance of data loss, performance issues, bugs and so much more. The iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 beta programs have been relatively stable but that does not mean it’s been perfect and it doesn’t mean you should run out and install it.

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iPadOS 17 features that makes your iPad Pro even more of a computer replacement

For better or worse, my iPad Pro is my main computer. Since Apple released its 2018 iPad Pro alongside the newly rebranded iPadOS 13, I have been using it as my main form of computing. The reason I went this route was purely because of the look and feel. It was the first time I ever felt like I was in the future when it came to a consumer product. Clearly, the hardware for the 2018 iPad Pro was ahead of its time. It could go from a leisure tablet to a split screen workhorse, to a digital notepad, to a gaming console. I was willing to live with the software restrictions it was plagued with.

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How to use your iPad Pro in ‘clamshell mode,’ sort of, with iPadOS 17

When Apple introduced the all-new stage manager and extended monitor support for the M-powered iPads, I had one thought: Can I use my iPad in clamshell mode? With a more traditional macOS setup, I would always shut my MacBook Air and use an external display in order to keep my desk free of clutter. Do you also use clamshell mode, or do you use the built-in MacBook display as more screen real estate in a desk setup?

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Stage Manager got a lot better in iPadOS 17, but there are some things I still miss

iPadOS 17 Stage Manager

Last year, Apple introduced Stage Manager, which is how the company has tried to please iPad users who have always wanted an experience similar to a desktop operating system with multiple windows. And while Stage Manager offers this, it does so in a quite limited way. Things have gotten a lot better with iPadOS 17, but there are still some things that I miss.

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Latest Apple rumors: 14-inch iPad capabilities; iPhone 15 Pro Thunderbolt; Apple Watch pairing

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The latest Apple rumors from Twitter account @analyst941 include iPadOS 17 features geared to larger iPads. They suggest the features are intended for a flagship 14-inch iPad Pro model with an M3 chip.

The same leaker echoes expectations that the USB-C port on iPhone 15 Pro models will support Thunderbolt 3, and says there will be a new display feature geared to using iPhones for video work …

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Bloomberg: Health app coming to iPad this year, AI-powered ‘wellness coaching service’ also in the works

Apple is expanding its push into health and wellness features as part of iOS 17 and beyond, according to a new report from Bloomberg. With iPadOS 17 this year, the report says Apple will release an iPad version of the Health app for the first time. The Health app will also reportedly add new features for “tracking emotion and managing vision conditions” this year.

For next year, Apple is also reportedly working on an “artificial intelligence-powered health coaching service” as well as “new technology for tracking emotions.”

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