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Review: Withings Body Scan w/ segmental body comp, nerve activity, Apple Health, more

Withings Body Scan review Apple Health

The most recent smart scale from Withings is so advanced the company calls it a “health station.” I’ve been testing the Withings Body Scan and its features like segmental body composition measurements, nerve activity, 6-lead ECG, and more, which all come with Apple Health integration. Is it worth the premium price? I think so if these features are valuable to you.

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Nomad launches super slim Magnetic Leather Back for iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max

Nomad Magnetic Leather Back for iPhone 15 Pro

Nomad has unveiled its latest premium Apple accessory today, the Magnetic Leather Back for iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. Made with high-quality leather, this slick magnetic back is perfect for those who like to keep their iPhone as close to naked as possible but appreciate a little protection and the feel – and aesthetic – of leather.

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Viture One XR glasses could be my Vision Pro stand-in for now

Viture One XR glasses connected to an iPhone 15 Pro Max

I’ve previously said that much as Vision Pro looks insanely impressive, I’m still not expecting to hand over my cash before a third-gen device. If you’re of the same mind, then the $439 Viture One XR glasses might be worth a look.

To be clear, the company makes no claims to be competing with Vision Pro. Its glasses product are a very different beast, but do tick some of the same boxes – including the ability to view Spatial Video content shot on the iPhone 15 …

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This accessory solves the biggest problem with Philips Hue smart bulbs

Philips Hue bulbs are one of the easiest ways to give your existing light fixtures smart home capabilities, including through Apple’s HomeKit platform. The problem with Philips Hue switches is that whenever a wall light switch is flipped off, the smart lights become unresponsive. The Lutron Aurora dimmer is a simple yet ingenious way to solve this problem.

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Review: Master & Dynamic MW09 in-ear headphones, reassuringly unchanged

Master & Dynamic MW09 review | Line-up of models and cases

Having been a long-time on-ear headphone guy for mobile use, it was Master & Dynamic who persuaded me to switch to in-ear headphones for everything except flights. Five years on from the MW07, the company has just launched its third-generation model, the MW09.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of in-ear headphones, and are willing to pay a hundred bucks more than AirPods Pro pricing for a whole new level of audio quality – with a couple of important caveats – read on …

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Wish Apple’s iPad Smart Folio came in leather? Nomad’s got you covered

Nomad iPad Leather Folio

Years ago, Apple used to offer popular iPad accessories like the Smart Leather Cover and Smart Leather Case. Now that Apple has completely moved away from leather, the iPad Smart Folio is just available in silicone. Stepping in to offer a premium, slim folio for iPad in leather, Nomad has just launched its Leather Folio and Folio Plus.

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Review: Astropad ‘Rock Paper Pencil’ pen-on-paper iPad upgrade is the real deal

Astropad Rock Paper Pencil pen-on-paper feel

Earlier this year, Astropad launched its Magnetic Screen Protector for iPad delivering a paper-like feeling with Apple Pencil. Then the company launched a new product this fall that offers an even more impressive pen-on-paper experience. Here are my thoughts after testing out the Rock Paper Pencil kit that includes Astropad’s new magnetic screen protector along with two ballpoint-style Apple Pencil tips.

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Review: Ecobee’s first Smart Doorbell Camera ties together HomeKit and unique thermostat integration

Ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera Review

After releasing its first indoor HomeKit camera in 2021, smart thermostat leader Ecobee is out today with its first outdoor product – the Smart Doorbell Camera. With a sharp design, HomeKit support, wide-angle view, and unique integrations with its Smart Thermostat Premium, follow along for our full review.

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Tested: Tribit Stormbox Flow again defies expectations for a small portable speaker

Tribit Stormbox Flow tested

I get offered a lot of Bluetooth speakers for review, and turn down most of them because I’ve experienced <insert company name here>’s prior offerings and have been left decidedly unimpressed. But the Tribit Stormbox Flow made it through, because my last experience left me very pleasantly surprised.

I wrote last year that the Tribit StormBox Micro 2 had absolutely no right to be as good as it was, for both size and price reasons – and the same is true of the company’s latest offering …

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Review: Nomad iPhone 15 Modern Leather Case and Folio nail premium design w/ thoughtful touches

Nomad leather case iPhone 15 review

With Apple officially out of the leather case and accessory market, third parties stand as the only options for those who prefer to stick with the material. I’ve been testing out the Modern Leather Case and Folio with my iPhone 15 Pro, and have come to love them. I’ll also cover Nomad’s Rugged Case as a non-leather option for those who aren’t feeling Apple’s FineWoven or silicone cases.

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Nomad launches Base One Max 3-in-1 metal and glass charger with MagSafe [Hands-on]

Nomad Base One Max 3-in-1 MagSafe charger

Nomad launched its Base One and Base One Max (reviewed) premium MagSafe chargers in 2022 and followed up with Stand One earlier this year. Now the high-end Base One Max is expanding from a 2-in-1 to a 3-in-1 MagSafe charger with simultaneous power for iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. We’ve been testing out the metal and glass Base One Max 3-in-1, here’s a closer look.

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Review: Nomad Modern Band pairs well with any Apple Watch for a premium design at an affordable price [U]

Nomad Modern Band Apple Watch leather review

Update: The band is back in stock after being back-ordered since the Apple Watch Ultra 2 launch back in September.

Nomad recently launched a new English Tan colorway of its leather Modern Band for Apple Watch. Coming with polished, brushed hardware in silver or black, this premium yet affordable leather band works no matter what Apple Watch finish you have. Follow along for our full review.

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Nomad launches premium all-black MagSafe compatible Stand and Base [Hands-on]

Nomad Stand and Base MagSafe compatible hands-on

Following up on its premium Base One/Base One Max and Stand One official MagSafe chargers, Nomad is out today with two new products. Adding to the variety of the lineup with the same premium metal and glass build, the new Stand and Base are more affordable by going for MagSafe compatibility rather than official MFi certification. Along with a lower price, that also allowed Nomad to offer slick all-black variants.

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Review: iPhone plus GPS means this robot mower can cut straight lines without perimeter wire

iPhone powered robot mower

Competition has been growing in the autonomous mower market and one interesting new company making a sharp-looking and impressively functional robot mower is Mammotion. Setting itself apart from much of the competition, the Luba AWD ditches the hassle of installing a perimeter wire thanks to a slick iPhone setup and GPS+RTK guidance. It also boasts the ability to mow straight lines, handle up to 1.25 acres, and can descend and climb up to 75% slopes.

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Review: Carved Live Edge iPhone cases are beautifully functional ‘1 of one’ works of art

Carved Live Edge iPhone case review

As iPhones have matured over the last decade, one accessory that’s been commoditized – among others – has been smartphone cases. It’s difficult to stand out in a sea of countless choices but Carved has done just that with its literal one-of-a-kind, handmade works of art. Follow along for a detailed look at the Carved Live Edge iPhone Case, Traveler Case, and more.

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Hands-on: McClockface for Mac brings its delightful customizable timekeeping to your big screen

McClockface for Mac

McClockface arrived back in 2021 as a sharp way to bring customizable clock widgets to iPhone. Recently the app arrived on Mac and I’ve been trying it out. The library of clock faces has grown to almost two dozen and along with all the detailed customization options for widgets, McClockface on Mac offers menu bar support. Follow along for a closer look at this lovely app.

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Hands-on with 2023’s special edition Apple Watch Pride band

Earlier this week, Apple began shipping its latest edition of Pride band for Apple Watch. The annual installment now comes to its seventh year, delivering just a single new addition to the collection. This year bringing a greater emphasis on commemorating the month, the 2023 Pride Band really celebrates Queer joy with a fitting confetti design. Now we’re taking a hands-on look at the new offering.

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Review: DockCase Pocket SSD enclosure packs smart features in a minuscule package

Dockcase Pocket m.2 2230 enclosure

DockCase has launched its Pocket M.2 enclosure. Joining an array of SSD enclosures, this pocket enclosure is designed specifically for the smallest 2230 size NVMe M.2 drives. It brings USB-C connectivity, but like DockCase’s other products, it stands out for its combination of looks and built-in smart features, helping it earn its price.

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Review: Kinsa Smart Thermometer delivers great UX, Apple Health at an affordable price

Kinsa QuickScan Smart Thermometer review

Smart health devices can get expensive, which can make it normal to start questioning how much value they’re actually delivering. Recently I’ve been testing out the Kinsa QuickScan Smart Thermometer and I’ve been delighted by the great hardware and software but beyond that, it offers features like Apple Health support, personalized medical advice (without a subscription), and more for under $50.

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