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Jeff is the head of video content production for 9to5. He joined 9to5Mac in 2016, producing videos, walkthroughs, how-tos, written tutorials, and reviews. He takes pride in explaining things simply, clearly, and concisely. Jeff’s videos have been watched hundreds of millions of times by people seeking to learn more about today’s tech. Subscribe to 9to5Mac on YouTube to catch Jeff’s latest videos.

Jeff also produces a weekly podcast, alongside co-host Fernando Silva, entitled 9to5Mac Overtime. A video-first podcast, 9to5Mac Overtime airs weekly on our YouTube channel, but can also be enjoyed in audio form via Apple Podcasts, or your podcast app of choice.

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Hands-on: iOS 17.4 RC changes and features [Video]

iOS 17.4 is a massive new iOS update for iPhone users, and includes new features to support European Union regulations, which makes it possible for to use alternative app marketplaces. However, the recent changes aren’t just limited to those who fall under EU jurisdiction. iOS 17.4 has tons of new changes and features, like new emoji, new Apple Music and Apple Podcasts updates, an updated “Hello” screen, and much, much more.

Watch our hands-on video for an explainer of everything new in iOS 17.4 RC. Be sure to subscribe to 9to5Mac on YouTube for more iOS-centric videos.

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The Apple Vision Pro Developer Strap is Thunderbolt capable, not USB 2.0 only

Apple Vision Pro Developer Strap Thunderbolt connectivity

The Apple Vision Pro Developer Strap is Thunderbolt capable and is not strictly a USB 2.0 device. Although the Fast Ethernet connection established when connecting to a Mac Virtual Display via USB-C uses USB 2.0, the Developer Strap doesn’t have to be forever limited to that speed. It may just be a matter of time before Apple unlocks additional capability and higher throughput via a visionOS software update.

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How to downgrade visionOS on Apple Vision Pro [Video]

Vision Pro downgrading visionOS Progress Bar

Running a visionOS beta on your Apple Vision Pro and wishing to revert to a stable release? In this hands-on tutorial and video, I show you how to downgrade visionOS on Apple Vision Pro. The downside? Downgrading requires the $300 Apple Vision Pro Developer Strap, but at least it’s possible.

Watch our hands-on video as I walk you through the entire process, and be sure to subscribe to 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple Vision Pro coverage.

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Hands-on with the $299 Apple Vision Pro Developer Strap – stabler Mac Virtual Display, beta downgrades, and more

Apple Vision Pro Developer Strap

Last week, Apple released its first new accessory for the Vision Pro since its launch, a $299 Apple Vision Pro Developer Strap only available for registered Apple Developers. Although Apple notes clearly on the back of the box that it’s not for resale and only intended for developers, anyone who coughs up $299, plus the yearly $99 fee to become a registered Apple Developer, can get their hands on this accessory.

The Apple Vision Pro Developer strap replaces the device’s right Audio Strap. It arrives in a small box that resembles an Apple Watch box, and includes the Developer Strap, over-designed eject tool, and documentation. The Developer Strap has several noticeable differences compared to the right Audio Strap that it replaces. The most obvious difference is the addition of a USB-C input that allows you to connect Apple Vision Pro directly to your Mac. Let’s take a closer look at the Apple Vision Developer Strap inside.

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9to5Mac Overtime: GBA4iOS and Delta developer Riley Testut talks iOS 17.4 changes and alternative app stores

Talented GBA4iOS, AltStore, and Delta emulator developer Riley Testut joins us to provide his insightful thoughts about sideloading, alternative app stores, new iOS 17.4 changes to allow app marketplaces in the EU, emulation, and the future of the App Store. Fernando and Jeff also discuss their thoughts on the new iOS 17.4 changes, including features that make their way to all users in all regions.

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Apple updates Stolen Device Protection in iOS 17.4 beta with option to always require a security delay

Stolen Device Protection for iPhone

The initial iOS 17.4 beta was released to developers today, and the big news surrounding the update involves all of the changes to comply with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act. However, iOS 17.4 also includes an update to Stolen Device Protection, a feature first appearing in iOS 17.3. Now, users can choose to always require a security delay when changing security settings.

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iOS 17.3 – Stolen Device Protection explained – why you should upgrade now [Video]

Stolen Device Protection iOS 17.3 Changes Features

Yesterday, Apple released iOS 17.3 with the headlining Stolen Device Protection feature. This feature, which helps protect your device from being compromised by thieves, makes updating to iOS 17.3 a no-brainer. But additional features, like Apple Music Collaborative Playlists and Emoji Reactions, make this release even sweeter.

Watch our full hands-on video as Jeff breaks down the ins and outs of Stolen Device Protection and walks through the other new iOS 17.3 changes and features. If you haven’t already, subscribe to 9to5Mac on YouTube for more videos.

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9to5Mac Overtime: Vision Pro Hands-on account, pre-order experience, & fitness potential

9to5Mac Overtime Logo

On this week’s episode of Overtime, we discuss our experience with Apple Vision Pro pre-orders, and discuss various aspects of the device’s technical specifications. We’re also excited to invite 9to5Mac Editor-in-Chief Chance Miller to discuss his second Vision Pro hands-on, this time in NYC. To wrap things up, Connect The Watts’ Colin Jenkins joins us to discuss the potential of the Vision Pro as a fitness companion.

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Review: Dough Spectrum One with edge-to-edge Gorilla Glass – is it a true Studio Display competitor? [Video]

I first learned about the newest version of the Dough Spectrum One from an email sent to me by the company’s CEO, Konstantinos Karatsevidis. The email contained the subject line: Is This the Studio Display Killer for Gamers and Mac Users Alike?

I was intrigued and took the company up on the offer. A few weeks later, the newest Dough Spectrum One and its corresponding stand arrived in my mailbox, but not before being ravenously opened and inspected by customs agents. So, while my unboxing experience was less than ideal, thankfully, the Gorilla Glass-covered display arrived without a scratch.

But is this, as Dough conjectures, a Studio Display killer, or is it altogether something else? Watch the hands-on video walkthrough, and subscribe to 9to5Mac on YouTube for more videos.

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Final Cut Pro 10.7 – automatic timeline scrolling – better than expected! [Video]

Final Cut Pro 10.7 has several noteworthy additions, but automatic timeline scrolling is hands-down the headline feature in this release. Automatic timeline scrolling does just as its name implies – moving the timeline automatically as playback commences. However, this new feature involves much more than just timeline scrolling.

As you’ll see in my hands-on video walkthrough, there’s much more to consider here, including that both clip previews and audio waveforms are generated in real-time during playback, the timeline intelligently pauses when performing clip adjustments, and you can quickly toggle the feature with a keyboard shortcut. Watch my latest video, and subscribe to 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Final Cut Pro content and tutorials.

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Apple releases Final Cut Pro 10.7 for Mac with new automatic timeline scrolling and Apple Silicon optimization

As promised, Apple has released major new versions of Final Cut Pro before the end of the month, with Final Cut Pro 10.7 now available for Mac and version 1.3 now available for iPad. Both platforms gain new features that users will find beneficial, headlined by a long-desired automatic timeline scrolling feature with real-time waveform updates.

If you already own Final Cut Pro for Mac, today’s 10.7 update is free. The iPad version, which is available for a $4.99 monthly subscription, is also available for download today. We’ll be conducting a full video walkthrough of the new features on our YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe. In the meantime, take a look at the release notes inside.

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Why the imminent Final Cut Pro 10.7 update will make many users happy, but may disappoint some

A few weeks ago, I attended the Final Cut Pro Creative Summit – the first such event since 2019 – which included an invite to Apple Park. While visiting its campus, the next version of Final Cut Pro was revealed for the first time. Apple pre-announced its forthcoming update to Final Cut Pro for Mac, version 10.7, noting that it will be released later this month, presumably sometime this week if that timeline sticks.

The update includes one key feature that many Final Cut Pro enthusiasts have been wanting for well over a decade, along with several other enhancements that will help users stay organized and potentially speed up H.264 and HEVC exports. Personally speaking, I’m pumped to finally have these features, but as always, there will be a contingent that feels like Apple needs to do more…

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iOS 17 top changes and features: 20 reasons why you should definitely make the jump from iOS 16 [Video]

Apple has released iOS 17 to the public, and as noted, it’s a massive release with tons of new updates. To illustrate how jam-packed this iOS release is, I previously did a two-hour iOS 17 hands-on that meticulously stepped through everything new. In this latest hands-on video walkthrough, I discuss and showcase my favorite iOS 17 top changes and features for iPhone users.

This update covers what I believe to be the 20 core items that should convince everyone to make the jump from iOS 16, as if the batch of critical security fixes wasn’t enough.

Sponsor: Special thanks to Bellroy for sponsoring 9to5Mac! Get an exclusive 10% discount off the entire Bellroy range of cases and accessories.

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