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Threads joining the fediverse; Trending posts fully rolling out in the US

Threads joining the fediverse | Interconnected cotton threads

We’ve known for a while that Threads is joining the fediverse, and parent company Meta has now provided a preview of how things will work.

The concept of the fediverse is to network together individual social media platforms, such that you can post once on one of them, and then share your post on other services …

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Global meta outage: What do we know, and what was the likely cause?

Global meta outage cause | Plug removed from socket

Yesterday’s global meta outage seemingly took out the company’s entire network, with users unable to access Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Threads, and Quest headsets.

The outage lasted between one and two hours for most users, and while everything now appears back to normal, questions are naturally being asked about what went wrong …

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Threads just got another update with option to show the latest search results [U: Pulled]

Threads logo on colorful background

It’s been a while since Meta’s microblogging platform, Threads, released its keyword search feature to users around the world. However, one huge downside is that Threads search doesn’t let users see search results in reverse chronological order. But that’s changing now, as the latest Threads update adds an option to show the latest search results.

Update: A Meta spokesperson told 9to5Mac that the feature is an “internal prototype” that was “accidentally made available for a small number of people.”

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Threads launched in EU countries; no Instagram account needed to browse

Threads launched in EU countries | App shown on smartphone next to laptop

Social network Threads has now launched in EU countries, with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg noting that this now opens it up to an additional 448M people. The company first teased this last week.

EU citizens will also be able to browse Threads without having to create an Instagram account – a move likely intended to placate antitrust regulators …

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More than 100 brands have followed Apple’s example in ceasing ads on X

Brands ceasing ads on X | Disused runway marked by X warning symbol

More than 100 brands have now ceased ads on X over antisemitic content allowed to propagate on the social network. They are following the example of companies like Apple and Disney, which made the decision early last week.

X itself had estimated that the financial hit could be around $11M, but the company’s own internal documents reveal that the total loss could be as high as $75M …

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Threads now lets users delete their account without leaving Instagram

threads opt out instagram facebook

When Threads was launched earlier this year, Meta decided to use the same credentials as Instagram so that users wouldn’t have to create another account to use its new microblogging platform. However, because of this, users couldn’t delete their Threads account without deleting their Instagram account. Luckily, Meta is finally changing that with an update.

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How to opt out of having your Threads posts show up on Facebook and Instagram

threads opt out instagram facebook

Since Threads launched in July, Meta has increased the integration between it, Facebook, and Instagram. One example of this integration is that Instagram and Facebook now show in-app carousels of suggested content from Threads.

In response to feedback from Threads users, Meta is now adding the ability for users to opt out of having their posts included in these suggestions.

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Zuckerberg: Threads on track to be a billion-person app that’s ‘more positive’ than its competitor

Threads logo on colorful background

While people on Twitter (currently known as X) are quick to downplay the popularity of Threads, all indications are that the platform is thriving. During Meta’s quarterly earnings call today, CEO Mark Zuckerberg offered an update on the Threads, saying that the service has “just under” 100 million monthly active users.

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Threads search | Trending Topics

Meta employee accidentally shows how Trending Topics will work on Threads

You may be familiar with Threads, Meta’s microblogging platform that works in a similar way to X (formerly Twitter). The platform was launched in July and has since received a lot of requested features. Now it seems that Meta wants to bring Trending Topics to Threads, and as you might expect, the feature will help users find posts on the most discussed topics on the platform at the moment.

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