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BLUETTI brings hassle-free solar power solutions to California, Massachusetts, and North Carolina

BLUETTI, a pioneering provider of renewable energy storage systems, is expanding its Solar+ program to three new states – California, Massachusetts, and North Carolina. This comprehensive one-stop solution aims to simplify the transition to solar power for homeowners, offering a seamless path to energy independence and reduced utility bills.

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Hands-on with Linearity Move, a simplified animator for everyone [Video]

Linearity has recently launched a new app and service named Linearity Move, aiming to improve usability and functionality in the motion graphics sector. Building on the success of Linearity Curve, this software is aimed at enabling marketing and design teams to convert static designs into animations directly, with the goal of improving in-house production efficiency and reducing costs.

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BLUETTI launches AC240 – the world’s first weatherproof portable generator [30% off]

Green energy pioneer BLUETTI has a brand new portable solution that’s ready to power your adventures on land, water, and anything in between. Here’s what you get with the mobile, yet powerful new weatherproof BLUETTI AC240. Plus 9to5Mac readers can get an extra $100 off the already generous early bird launch pricing.

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Our best recommendation: Ottocast makes your in-car entertainment next-level amazing [Save 30%]

If your car has factory-installed CarPlay or Android, then the wireless vehicle entertainment experts at Ottocast want to turbocharge your in-car entertainment.

For a limited time, 9to5Mac readers can take advantage of an exclusive 30% discount on some of Ottocast’s best CarPlay products by using code “TM30” at checkout.

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Sleek, loaded with ports and power: iVANKY FusionDock Max 1 is the best dock for MacBooks

I’m a huge fan of Apple’s new MacBook lineup, but there is one problem for creative professionals – we need more ports! For my at-home workstation, I use a ton of devices, including multiple monitors, video editing peripherals, speakers, and a number of other accessories – and to turn all of this chaos into one sleek and organized workspace, the iVANKY FusionDock Max 1 is the absolute best solution I’ve found. Packed with 20 ports, it comes with two Thunderbolt 4 chips and is the first and only docking station that lets you set up four monitors at a time.

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How Copilot makes budgeting even easier with new Apple Card, Cash, and Savings integration

We’ve written a lot about Copilot, the best budgeting app for iPhone and Mac. This week, however, the app has gotten even better. With iOS 17.4, there is now direct integration with Apple Card, Apple Cash, and Apple Card. Read on to learn how it works.

Plus, 9to5Mac readers can use code 9TO5MAC and unlock an extended two-month free trial.

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Get ready for outdoor adventures with Bluetti’s spring sale on power stations

Get ready for outdoor adventures with Bluetti's spring sale on power stations

As spring approaches, people are gearing up for outdoor adventures such as road trips, hiking, and camping. And if that’s the case for you, Bluetti – a company focused on providing energy storage solutions – has what you need to stay powered up even in the most remote areas. Read on as we show you some of the best products you can get during Bluetti’s spring sale.

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MacPaw’s new CleanMyPhone app declutters and organizes your iPhone

MacPaw today debuted its brand new iPhone and iPad app called CleanMyPhone. Powered by AI, the app is an advanced solution for decluttering iOS and iPadOS devices.

With a primary focus on Declutter, Organize, and Network features, the app aims to provide a way to carefully remove digital clutter and free up space for new memories on iPhone and iPad.

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Movavi AI video editing features like background removal and motion tracking let you create your best work [Save 55%]

Ready to take your video editing skills to the next level like the pros? The good news is you don’t have to spend hours digging through tutorials to be like your favorite creator.

Movavi lets you fast-forward through the learning process and jump straight to producing your best work. How? Movavi Video Editor leverages the power of AI to unlock professional video editing features. 9to5Mac readers can score Movavi Video Editor + Effects Packs on the Mac for 55% off today.

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BLUETTI unleashes innovative SwapSolar and AC240 portable power solutions at CES

There’s no better way to start the new year off right than to equip yourself with portable power. BLUETTI is dedicated to giving you that power in every situation so you never get caught with a dead device.

BLUETTI is on the scene at CES 2024 showcasing their wide range of portable power solutions fit for any adventure. You don’t have to be in Las Vegas this week to be in the know either. 9to5Mac has the full scoop on all things BLUETTI, including the all-new SwapSolar power-combo and adventure-ready AC240 power station.

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How I use Copilot for iPhone and Mac to live a healthier financial life

A few weeks ago, we went in-depth on the powerful Copilot budgeting app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. I’ve been using the Copilot budgeting app to manage my entire financial system for several years, and thought it would be useful to dive deeper into how and why I use it.

Plus, 9to5Mac readers can use code 9TO5MAC and unlock an extended two-month free trial.

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Stop overpaying and try US Mobile for 30 days free and a $100 prepaid card today

Is your overpriced phone bill eating into your holiday shopping budget? US Mobile is here to help with a special gift for 9to5Mac readers. With plans for everyone and world-class customer service, US Mobile offers top-tier features of the highest quality, including shareable data plans. Best of all, US Mobile is giving away 30 days of free service with instant activation and up to a $100 prepaid card. Read on to learn how to start saving today…

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Shop Decluttr and save cash for the best value on refurb iPhones & other tech

You already know Decluttr is the go-to trade-in service for turning your old Apple products into cash, but have you ever thought about what happens to those devices?

In addition to being our exclusive trade-in partner, Decluttr is home to the best deals on refurbished tech products. You can save hundreds on iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watches, and even gaming consoles and titles.

That’s why Decluttr should be your first destination when shopping for the best value in tech this holiday season. Shop all of Decluttr’s refurbished deals here and head below for a closer look at our top picks on iPhone and more.

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Get $70 off the advanced TOPDON Thermal Camera for iPhone and iPad

TOPDON TC002 Thermal Camera iPhone iPad

Whether you’re a professional like an electrician, HVAC technician, building inspector, or engineer or want a way to take better care of your home, farm, or business, a thermal camera is a valuable tool. With a compact design and ultra-high resolution, the TOPDON TC002 Thermal Camera for iPhone and iPad is a powerful device at an affordable price. Keep reading for all the details and a limited-time $70 discount.

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Copilot is the best and smartest budgeting app for iPhone users: Here’s why

When it comes to choosing a budgeting app, there are a number of different factors to consider. These range from things like usability and features to crucial things like privacy and security. Copilot checks all of those boxes and many more. Here’s why I’ve been using the app for years – and why I can confidently say it’s the best budgeting app out there for iPhone and Mac users.

Plus, 9to5Mac readers can use code 9TO5MAC and unlock an extended two-month free trial.

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1Password’s one-click logins and secure online shopping now 40% off for the holidays


1Password is now offering folks a chance to secure a yearly subscription to its wonderful password management and online security system at 40% off. 1Password is an indispensable tool for managing the multitude of passwords and login credentials all of us rack up every year, leaving them just a single click away. That’s not to mention its ability to safely stow away personal information for safe-keeping and provide world-class security features, as well as a secure online shopping experience to safeguard your credit card data. And all of this is now available at a heavily discounted rate for the holidays. Check out the details below. 

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PDFgear supercharges your workflows for iPhone, iPad, and Mac with AI Copilot [Free]

Wish you could find a PDF editor with all the features you need without paying for another subscription or an expensive upfront purchase? PDFgear is a cross-platform app that’s truly free with no catches like watermarks, page limits, or in-app purchases. Here’s what’s included with the impressive PDFgear iOS, Mac, and Windows apps, including a powerful AI copilot to supercharge your work.

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Hands-on with the Yolaness SAPY1600 Portable Power Station

The world of portable batteries and power stations is expansive. We have tiny power banks that can be put on your keychain, and then we have huge and robust battery banks that can power appliances and run an entire motor home. But the name of the game has always been efficiency and density. Companies ask themselves, “How can we make form factors smaller while increasing their capacity?” Yolaness has done it with their new 1536Wh portable power station.

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